The Future of Amazon

Speaker: Brent Lindberg, Fuseneo  


A lot has changed lately when it comes to packaging for Amazon. Vendors are running to and from, hair on fire, trying to figure out testing and certification. Brands are abuzz with questions of “why,” and “what’s next?” Brent Lindberg of Fuseneo shares the perspective and expectations of one of Amazon’s closest packaging design partners. 

Understanding Packaging in an E-Commerce Process   

Speaker: Jared Butts, The Hershey Company   

This will be a discussion of packaging constraints and areas of differentiation in direct-to-consumer and traditional (e-tail) e-commerce. More specific use cases of Amazon’s ship-in-own-container and Hershey’s cold-ship challenge will also be discussed.  

E-Commerce Dynamics & Their Impact on Corrugated Demand    

Speaker: Ron Sasine, Hudson Windsor, LLC

This session reviews the overall direction of e-commerce, the anticipated growth of its three key distribution models, and the impact of this growth on the corrugated packaging market. Ron's thesis is that increasing consumer adoption of purchasing through mobile apps will dramatically shift the size of individual purchase baskets (items per transaction), alter the cadence of shopping events (more transactions, yet fewer store visits) and drive corrugated consumption via the growth of pantry purchases. 

Understanding Your Customer's Customer - Packaging's Influence at the Doorstep   

Speaker: Andrew Hurley, Clemson University    

Great packaging designs influence attention and emotion, both on the shelf and on the doorstep. Facial expression data collected during unboxing experiences can be invaluable in helping provide a positive lasting influence. Learn how as Dr. Andrew Hurley shares his experiences and explains how to use that data to reduce negativity, facilitate use, and nudge proper disposal of packaging, all while furthering positive brand equity.  

Brand Identity & Packaging Experience 

Speakers: Paul Chambers, SUBTA & Paul Jarrett, Bulubox   

With unboxing videos rising in popularity, it is now more important than ever to focus on providing consumers with a first-class experience from the time a box arrives on their doorstep. In this session, Paul Jarrett and Paul Chambers will discuss the importance of brand identity and the packaging experience as it relates to Subscription Boxes. Leveraging examples, they will discuss how to maintain a competitive edge and exceed customer expectations.  

Marketing E-Commerce Capabilities to Brands

(Getting Past the Gatekeeper)  

Speaker: Joseph Fernandez, Vera Bradley  


In this session, you'll learn the packaging challenges brands face and discuss how to design solutions that will entice stakeholders and get you in the door.    

Turning Your Traditional Operations into an Agile E-Commerce Enabled Packaging Powerhouse     

Speaker: Michael Pelletier, Scaling Operations, LLC   


With E-commerce purchasing volumes breaking records, offline conventional businesses are missing out on fast-growing opportunities in market shares and operational optimization. This presentation will first highlight the operational differences between successful E-commerce manufacturing operations and their conventional counterparts. It will then offer some strategies and their implications for companies considering a transition into high-efficiency digital manufacturing workflow operation. 

Digital Printing & E-Commerce: There’s More to it Than You Think 

Speaker: Mark Mathes, Vanguard Packaging   


This session will explore how digital printing can make an impersonal purchase more personal to more closely connect the vendor and the customer.  

Making the Sales Shift from Standard Packaging to E-Commerce 

Speaker: Richard Brown, The Boxmaker

Regardless of the setting, customers want an excellent purchasing experience. Buyers of packaging and displays are no exception, and providers must transition to include e-commerce with traditional sales channels. In this session, Richard Brown of The BoxMaker shares from his experience launching, growing online sales and implementing new sales models for traditional B2B sales professionals. 

Holiday Packaging: How Digitally Native Brands are Utilizing Web to Print to Drive Loyalty & Increase Engagement    

Speaker: Miriam Brafman, Packlane


With tens of thousands of customers, Packlane has amassed a unique index of emerging use cases for web-to-print and e-commerce packaging. In this presentation, we’ll look at specific examples of digitally native brands that are using short-run customization and printing to increase revenue and brand affinity. Emerging trends like holiday-themed packaging and corporate gifting will be covered and analyzed.  

Getting Your Packaging in Ship Shape

Speaker: Brent Lindberg, Fuseneo   

So, you want to design your packaging for shipping in e-commerce. Do you focus on graphics, structure, or both? How do you fit the fulfillment system but stand out from the crowd? Here's what you need to know as you develop your e-com strategy.   

Understanding Amazon Packaging & APASS Guidelines

Speaker: Ron Sasine, Hudson Windsor, LLC   

Redesign panel - Amazon packaging and APASS guidelines. While these guidelines are often mentioned, they are very rarely accurately analyzed by CPG companies and packaging manufacturers. It would be my goal to emphasize their application to the corrugated industry.  


Optimizing Packaging for an E-Commerce World

Speaker: Olivia Pietersen, The Packaging Company   

In 2019 over $585 billion was spent on online shopping. As the e-commerce industry grows the number of parcels has increased. This causes many pain points for not only for our postal services but also for the end consumer. We will be looking at trends and different ways to optimize packaging to sell the benefits of corrugate and protective packaging.


Technologies that Support E-Commerce Frustration-Free Packaging Enhance Consumer Experiences & Facilitate a Painless Returnability

Speaker: Tania Montesi, H.B Fuller   

The increased number of touchpoints along the e-commerce supply chain requires e-Commerce packaging to be more versatile than ever. Concurrently, the packaging is expected to protect the contents inside and prevent tampering in the optimized structural design while meeting consumer needs for frustration-free opening, great unboxing experiences, and painless return-ability. In this presentation, Tania Montesi, Business Development Manager for H.B. Fuller, will share functional solutions that enable your packaging to meet these demanding requirements. She will share her market expertise on how these solutions can enhance packaging design and empower brand image while improving consumer experience.  


Go to Market Faster Using The Latest Digital Printing & Software Technology

Speaker: Abby Byland, Dusobox and Stephen Shannon, HP   

It’s more than just a box to your ecommerce clients, and to their customers. Introducing new, online technologies to better answer the call for customization, speed-to-market, and a better box experience.

Elevate E-commerce Customer Conversations with the new P+PB Sales Channel Toolkit 

Speaker: Sarah Meiburg, Paper and Packaging Board 

Learn about new sales enablement materials that can help you set the stage with tools that offer consumer insights and third-party validation for how paper-based packaging solutions equal a better e-Commerce experience. From sell sheets to case studies, this new resource is easy to access and easy to use. Come find out how you can up your game, unpacking more sales! 

Box Plant Panel Discussion: The Benefits and Challenges of E-Commerce     

Panel: Richard Brown, The Boxmaker; George Perreira, Whitebird; Mark Mathes, Vanguard Packaging; Richard Kelley, Dusobox  Moderator: Steve Young, Ambassador at Large, AICC 

In this session you will hear from plants that have broken into E-Commerce successfully.  Find out how they succeeded, some of their challenges, and their recommendations for everyone regarding e-commerce packaging.  Ask questions, get informed, from those that went before you.